Delivering The Best Probiotics

Transforming lives through quality, innovative healthcare solutions to ensure accessibility to millions of people worldwide.

TAJAPHO Biotech understands the changing market dynamics; hence we continuously strive to develop new improved formulations and customised blends to give you the competitive edge. With decades of R&D, TAJAPHO Biotech has emerged as an integrated Pharmaceutical and Life Science solution provider offering superior quality products. Our products are trusted and recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals.

We are a leading probiotics manufacturer and supplier company that is dedicated to the full lifecycle of creating probiotic supplements - from original R&D to manufacturing and marketing. If you are into healthcare product manufacturing for human and veterinary or food and beverage manufacturing companies, or if you are interested in adding probiotics to your diet, we offer well-documented strains and formulations to cater to various segments.

TAJAPHO Biotech is your one-stop destination for probiotics in bulk. Additionally, we manufacture and supply probiotic formulations in various dosage forms such as gummies, chewable tablets, capsules, powder and suspension. We monitor our entire probiotic supplement manufacturing process and ensure that they are pharmaceutical-grade quality.

With extensive R&D, we offer disease-specific probiotics, reducing the need to rely on antibiotics. Over the years, we have developed the best probiotic supplements and best gut probiotic supplements for different indications that are associated with the gut and beyond.